Thursday, January 22, 2009

Making Crabapple Jelly
We inherited a beautiful crap apple tree in the backyard when we moved into this house. It's our only tree (sigh) but it's a good one. Every spring it flowers for three days and then every fall, I gather the apples and make crab apple jelly. It had been on my mental list of things to do for a while but was expedited due to Pippa's tendency to eat the fallen apples. Yuck. But it didn't stop her despite the anticipated side-effect a few hours later. Last night, I picked all the apples and Ben started the process. We found a recipe online because, despite having made this jelly the past two years, I didn't have a recipe. This one seems good although the true test has yet to be taken, as we haven't tasted the final product yet.


Wash 16 c. ripe crabapples
(we doubled this as we had so many apples)

Cover with water (about 8 c.) & bring to boil.
(The apples expand alot so make sure you have lots of space in the pots -
I used our big stock pot and 2 large stew pots)
Simmer 15 minutes.
Crush crabapples after 10 minutes.
(I used the potato smasher)

Place cooked crabapples & liquid in strainer (lined with cheesecloth)
over large bowl until juice is strained (makes about 6 cups).

I started using the directed cheesecloth and strainer but it took so long, so long, so long, that I ended up ditching the cheesecloth. I think what this does is let enough apple through that the jelly might be cloudy. I can live with that.

Measure juice = __ c. (Make note of this quantity for later.)
(We made 7.5 cups of apple liquid)

Prepare jars/lids etc. as appropriate to canning.
Boil crabapple juice in large pot about 5 minutes.
Add slightly less sugar than the juice measure (above). (I added 6 cups)
Boil about 20 minutes to 220°F.

Skim off foam. (I did this while it was boiling)
Ladle juice into jars, leaving 1/2" headspace.
Wipe rims clean for a tight seal.
Put on lids & screw tops "fingertip tight".
Put filled jars in boiling water, with jar lids covered by 1" of water.
Boil 10 minutes.
Remove jars & allow to sit overnight on rack.
(I made 9 jars, Christmas presents abound!)

Check seals & label the jars.

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