Saturday, February 20, 2010

Making a cake for a lot of people!
This is the Joy of Cooking's Hot Milk Sponge cake recipe, times 9. Yes, I used 45 eggs, 3 litres of whipping cream, 6 pints of strawberries and a jar of jam that would last our family a year. I baked it in a large chafing (spelling?) pan that my neighbor/chef pal brought home from his work. The cakes are sitting on an aluminum foil-covered chalkboard that I found in the back alley some time ago. 3 cakes took 4 hours to make, from start to finish. I used a food processor (to make the sugar powdery), the Bamix to whip the cream and the Kitchenaid mixer to mix all the ingrediants. The first one took the longest, but then I was experienced in making a triple batch and was flying. The cakes took 45 minutes to bake instead of the recommended 20 and they were pretty dense. Could it be all the eggs? I cut down on the sugar (as I always do) and was suddenly worried that I'd be serving 70-100 of my neighbors a scrambled egg cake. mmmmm, yum!There's the mega jar of jam that I used in its entirety as a middle layer
Here's my cute helper, directing where the blobs of whipping cream went
(what you see is 2 of the 3 litres).

These are the sliced strawberries, drying. The sink to the right is full of the remaining whole ones that I used around the edge of the cake
The Danish and Canadian flags, out of strawberries
A quote about friends that Val and I found online, that had a positive message for once, unlike the majority! It's FINISHED!
Happy that the cake is finished, now to get it to the function in one piece!
Frederick and Bettina, checking it out


  1. Holy cow Tiff. That is seriously impressive. I had to come directly over and see the post after seeing a pic of the cake on your facebook.

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